Tonight at Dumb Records: Constraint, Discourage, Flash Back, Gate To Hell, Prevention, Direct Measure

Tonight! We’ve got a show. It’s a Wednesday weeknight but we’ve got a six band hardcore show lined up, so we’ve got a long night ahead of us.

This one features heavy hitting Louisville, Kentucky hardcore band “Constraint.” You can stream their latest album Nerf Planet embedded on the player below. Looks like Constraint is going to be touring with Discourage coming all the way from California (and also playing hardcore music)! Ope, looks like we have another Louisville band and that is “Gates To Hell.” There’s even a band from Canada on here called Flash Back??? We have bands coming in every direction for this show! Of course we also have Prevention on the bill – and one update to the show since it was originally announced at that is opening things up looks like we have Direct Measure from the St. Louis area! Or wait… is it Penalty Box opening things up after all? Which band is it?

This show will start at 7:00 pm and admission is $10. Check out a facebook event for this show right here. Also be sure to check out our shows page for a list of everything we have announced and lined up.

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