Updated Show Attendance Policies Regarding Upcoming Shows And Covid-19

The first shows that we have lined up at Dumb Records are coming up quick – this Saturday, August 14th, and Monday, August 16th. It’s pretty clear that when these shows were booked on the calendar and the decision was made to move forward with them, cases of COVID-19 in our region and country overall seamed to be in a much better place then they are now. Because COVID-19 is still a very real threat to our community, we are going to be taking needed precautions to make sure the shows we have lined up are as safe as possible.

  • All show attendees will be required to provide proof of at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccine or negative COVID test within the last 72 hoursmasks are required at these events for all attendees.
  • Masks are required at these events for all attendees.

*Proof of vaccine can be in the form of either your physical COVID-19 vaccination card or a photo on your phone.

We are still in uncertain times and we currently do not have any other indoor shows officially announced other than the upcoming two – but we will be likely enforcing this policy until further notice. The alley show with Laura Jane Grace on August 28th is a free event and outdoors – but as of right now it is safe to say we will all be masking up in the alley, and we are asking for those not vaccinated to not come to that event. You can likely expect a post regarding that show and policies for that at some point before the event.

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