August 28th In Our Alley: Laura Jane Grace (Against Me!), Cole Bridges, Jessica Knight, Ricki Marvel

Amazing… just, amazing. You may have heard the big news by now, but if now – on Saturday, August 28th we’ve got one for the books coming up in the alleyway between Dumb Records and Good Heart Tattoo. Laura Jane Grace – singer and guitarist for the punk rock band Against Me! – and also “notable for being one of the first highly visible punk rock musicians to come out as transgender, after she publicly came out in May 2012″ – will be performing.

In addition to LJG we have a few other solo acts performing. Cole Bridges is coming up from St. Louis – a solo musician formerly from Champaign. Jessica Knight of the band Looming will also be playing, as well as Ricki Marvel also from here in Springfield.

The show will start exactly at 7:00 pm and it is free. With conditions of the pandemic still being up in the air, there might be a strong mask suggestion even if the show is outdoors. We don’t have a facebook event for this one yet, sorry. Laura Jane Grace released her solo album Stay Alive last year on Polyvinyl Records. You can stream that on the player below.

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