Downhome Music Festival Announces Lineup For July 30th & 31st

It looks like this will not be a summer without music festivals here in downtown Springfield like last summer was! Legacy of Giving Music Festival is happening in just one week on July 2nd and 3rd this year. Abe Fest is happening on Friday July 9th and Saturday July 10th. Downhome Music Festival is happening later on in the summer (still only one month away), and are ones that have just recently announced their lineup!

Downhome Music Festival is happening Friday and Saturday July 30th and 31st! This festival will feature first time performances since before the pandemic hit for a number of local groups! Big headliners on Friday night include Looming and also Junior Pasare. On Saturday night Solar Chariot and Starwolf are headlining but there are a few other notable acts including Park. Stream some of Looming’s music on the player below!

We are unsure if any time slot or ticket info has yet been released, but you can stay up to date with Downhome going-ons on their facebook page. Holy smokes we are thinking about re-booting our Springfield shows page right now!

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