Balki Bros: “Sex • Drugs • Taco Bell”

Happy Wednesday afternoon, we are diving back into a little more of the local music!! Here is a brand new release from the new Taylorville / Springfield garage punk project that arose from the ashes of Snuff Rider called “Balki Bros“! They performed in our space at one point earlier this year as we were trying to figure out how to do live streaming (it worked out fine, but we decided we couldn’t pull off continuing to do that). (Sorry). Balki Bros debut release is here. It is called Sex • Drugs • Taco Bell, and you can stream it on the player below! Also head on over to the Balki Bros bandcamp to purchase the download for yourself.

We have added this one to our Springfield albums archive page. It’s like number 8 for this year or something. We still probably have a lot of catching up to do. That’s okay.

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