Sir Belham (w/ SuperTiny): “The Golden Lobes”

Good morning. We are trying our best to tell you about some local music around here. It’s hard with all of these records flying in and out of our store so fast anymore. Here is another brand new project put together by multi-instrumentalist recording extrodinaire in town, Mark Schwartz (Forest Saints, Demons on Wheels, Tin Ghost, and more). This one is called “Sir Belham (w/ SuperTiny)” (is Mark Schwartz both Sir Belham and SuperTiny)? We don’t know. The album is called The Golden Lobes and you can find all 23 tracks streaming on the player below. You can head on over to the Sir Belham w/ SuperTiny bandcamp page to purchase the download of the album.

We are adding this one to our Springfield album archive page of course. This brings us to just eight releases we have kept track of this year, but we are missing a lot! Whoops!

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