Dumb Records Turns 7 Years Old Today, We Are Re-Opening The Store 12-5pm Daily (Again)

Well, well, well, did you know that today just so happens to be our birthday? That’s right, seven years ago (January 11th, 2014) was the grand open for our store’s original location at 1107 South Grand Ave, next to The Black Sheep. So now we are officially 7 years old and entering our eighth year.

We are not looking to have a huge celebration this year of course, but we are deciding to move forward in re-opening our store (just a bitty bit more) today by switching the *open* sign to “on” from 12-5pm every day now.

Here’s the low-down for now:
– The store is open 12-5pm every day.
– Limit to 8 customers in the store at a time.
– Masks required (duh), we also have hand sanitizer as you enter.
– The arcade is still closed for now. We are not doing reservations on that for now either, maybe soon.
– We are still open to store appointments happening before noon or after 5pm! Just call, email or message us ahead of time.
– We are still offering shipping, delivery, or store pick-up options on shopdumbrecords.com!

That’s it for now! Check out our Black Sheep History Page if you want to get teary-eyed and think back on all of the fun times we’ve had together over the years.

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