Our Store Now Open For Appointments

Here we go on our first phase of re-opening up our own store as we leave this dreadful third wave of COVID-19 in this holiday season! We have been keeping our eyes on the numbers and are ready to start slowly re-opening the store (and then eventually the arcade).

Starting right now, our store is open for appointments only! To book an appointment to shop at our store, give us a call (217-691-8991), or email us at dumbrecs@gmail.com. We’ll keep a calendar going of our appointments and let shoppers in one at a time for this. We are open to make appointments at any time of the day as long as our calendar is open.

We are still pushing our online stores of course. Find the link to everything you need as far as that goes at SHOPDUMBRECORDS.COM. We are still going to be around every day for pickup orders from 12:00 am to 6:00 pm.

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