Black Friday 2020 November 27th at Dumb Records (or Online)

We’ve been keeping quiet about Black Friday Record Store Day which is coming up in just ten days now, because we’ve been trying to figure out the best way to approach this day, which is a hard thing to do when the future is always so unpredictable during these times.

Black Friday RSD is happening on Friday, November 27th the day after Thanksgiving as it is every year. This is usually the second biggest day of the year for our store, next to Record Store Day which usually takes place in April. This RSD event is going to be a big one for us because it is the first that we have ordered absolutely every exclusive release on “the list”. This includes over 130 different exclusive titles, which is too many for us to even list out below this time!! For that complete list along with photos and more info on each one, you can head over to the Record Store Day website right here.

As of right now, here’s how we are approaching this day: we WILL have our store open and limit the occupancy inside to 5 customers at a time. This means there will likely be a line you will have to wait in outside. We will be open on this day from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm. Then, online we will be offering 25% discounts on our regular Dumb Records mech items on our storenvy page. If you are local and place an order online through our online store, we will also be waving our delivery fees for that day. We are unable to run a sale on our Discogs page unfortunately, but we will be waving usual local delivery fees on that page for that day as well. We will also be listing whatever exclusive releases that we can on our storenvy and Discogs page later on in the day. (Our RSD pledge states that we can not do this until 1:00 pm, and we probably won’t be able to until later). This all may seem a little hectic, but we will be working hard this day and doing our best to make sure we have all of our RSD exclusives available one way or another!

Again, here are links to our online stores:

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