Headbug: “Pain Pill”

Today we bring you some brand new, very interesting local music from a new project called “Headbug”! This new release by Headbug is called Pain Pill and you can find it streaming on the player below. Headbug is from the same artist(s?) involved with the “X-E-A” and Rootbound projects that have come out with some creative music and sounds in recent years. From the bandcamp page:

“Headbug seeks to blend spoken word lyrics, jazz-inspired musical arrangements, and glitchcore aesthetics as they explore a cerebral digital hellscape.”

You can also head over to the Headbug bandcamp page to download the album at your own price. The X-E-A facebook page also has a full claymation video for the second song on the album! Yes, we have added this to our Springfield album archive page, bringing us to 53 local releases we have kept track of so far this year.

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