The Telephone Junkies: “Dress It Up & Call It Living”

Happy Halloween! Remember the band The Telephone Junkies? Remember bands? It’s hard for us to remember bands sometimes too, but some of them are still out there in the depths, recording music ready to be released to the world.

It turns out The Telephone Junkies have been hard at work on a brand new album for quite some time now, and yesterday they released their debut full length, Dress It Up & Call It Living to the world. You can check it out streaming on the player below! Also go check it out on their bandcamp page, where you can download the album for $1 or more.

The Telephone Junkies have no live shows lined up, but who does? We have added this release on to our Springfield album archive page, where we have kept track of 51 local releases so far this year.

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