Pinball Tournament Final Round RECAP

photo by Justin L. Fowler / The State Journal Register

A LOT just happened yesterday and we are still trying to recuperate from all of it. For now though, here is our best shot at offering a RECAP of the pinball tournament’s final round, our “virtual cash mob”, and our big new game reveal.

The Virtual Cash Mob was a great success. Thank you to all who purchased items or just tuned in, and thank you to Downtown Springfield Inc. for giving us the opportunity to do that. Our online store from that is now taken down, so if you missed out on those deals we are sorry. Maybe we will do it again sometime. And maybe some tie-dye shirts will make their way into our store eventually.

As for the great Downtown Pinball Tournament of 2020, PRAIRIE ARCHIVES is the winner after winning two out of three games in the game “Blackout” against Craft Beer Bar. Congratulations to Robb and Prairie Archives, who took home the glass trophy made by the SAA Collective. Thank you to all 30+ businesses that participated in this whole tournament, this whole thing turned out better and more fun than we ever could have imagined. You can bet we’ll be doing this again next year, maybe with some tweaks.

Robb got to pull back the curtain on a brand new pinball game in our arcade which turned out to be TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES (2020). This game has a built in high definition TV screen, a spinning magnetic pizza, six balls, and is some next-level material.

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