News Channel 20: “Dumb Records Hosts Pinball Tournament”

You are probably all sick of hearing about this pinball tournament from us by now. Well, it’s still going on, and will be until October 8th. Things are getting more intense, and now even News Channel 20 has caught on to our madness and has decided to cover the story. We appeared on the nightly news this past Sunday night. The article along with video clip online “Dumb Records Hosts Pinball Tournament” can be found online right here. From the article:

“It’s been a blast, it really had. It’s been a great way to just build community. We already have a great community downtown but it’s been a way to further that community,” said Tyler Smith, with the Public Market.

Brian Galecki, co-owner of Dumb Records says it’s a great way to have fun.

As you can see in the video, Dumb Records owner Brian Galecki’s mask has fallen down past his nose. Dumb Records the corporation acknowledges that this is not the appropriate wear to wear a facemask during this pandemic, and proper precautions are being made to notify owner Brian Galecki making sure this will never happen again.

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