Lincoln’s Legends: “Why Is Everyone Flipping Out Over Dumb Pinball?”

Thank you to our friends once again at Lincoln’s Legends for doing a quick piece on our big Downtown Pinball Tournament and how it came about. The article called “Flipping Out Over Dumb Pinball” has a nice little write-up on the idea of the tournament, and a 18 minute or so long interview or phone conversation where we are kind of goofing off. You can check that all out on the Lincoln’s Legends site right here. From the article:

The record store is open until 7 pm and Brian mentioned that many business owners will stop on thier way home to check out the store as well as their “competition”. Many even choose to visit during their lunch breaks. The bracket is massive and takes up most of the left wall across from the counter. This close proximity almost forces engagement.

The final round of our big pinball tournament is TODAY. This means we expect a lot of last minute scores to be rolling in today, and we will also likely post a big update including an updated and revised tournament bracket tomorrow to clearly map out the remaining rounds.

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