Tilt Warning: “Game Over EP”


Today we bring you a new four-song EP from a new Springfield project that we know absolutely nothing about. We don’t know who is in this, where it came from, if it’s going to ever play any live shows or release more music, or what. The project is called “Tilt Shift” and this Game Over EP mysteriously surfaced as a link deep and hidden in the Springfield Underground Pinball and Music forum. You can check it out streaming on the player embedded below. Also head on over to the Tilt Shift bandcamp page where you can download the music at your own price. From the Tilt Shift bandcamp page:

Tilt Warning’s debut release, Game Over EP, is a collection of b-sides written and recorded in 2020. Are we the first band ever to debut with just b-sides? Probably. But these songs didn’t have a future planned and the pandemic put a hold on future plans, so we wanted to share these songs with you in the meantime. Enjoy!

We have added this one on to our Springfield album archive page as well.

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