Illinois Times Best Of’s 2020 Nominee Voting Begins Now


It’s that time of year again. Yes, even a pandemic can not stop it. The time that we all love, and we all hate at the same time. The Illinois Times Best Of’s series. This time: 2020 edition. And the same with previous years, first is “nominee voting” where we all place nominations for our favorite local businesses, people, and events to go on as finalists in another round. Nominee voting goes from August 13th-24th. Then the real deal finalist voting is September 17th-28th. Then winners are selected and published in October.

To go vote in the nominee voting, head on over to the Illinois Times website right here.

We were lucky enough to win in the category of “Best New Business Downtown” last year. (A category we can only win once). This year we are once again in the running for “place to go downtown,” “best venue (small)”, and “best music shop.” Feel free to vote for us if you want! In addition to all of those categories, there is voting for your favorite local bands and musicians, restaurants and food spots, etc.

We usually do our own “best of’s” poll at the end of each year highlighting shows (R.I.P. for 2020) and local band releases.

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