Starter Jackets / The Raging Nathans: Split 7″


Today we bring you a stream of some more new local music… this time the pop punk group Starter Jackets have a new split 7″ out with Ohio-based band The Raging Nathans. You can find that release streaming below, each band has two songs featured on the release. Also head on over to the Rad Girlfriend Records bandcamp page to check it out there or purchase the download.

If you are looking for physical copies of this 7″ record, you are in luck because we do have some here at Dumb Records! We have also added this one to our Springfield album archive page for this year, bringing us to 30 releases we have kept track of so far this year. Starter Jackets released their full album Decisions back in 2018, and we have copies of that in our store on vinyl as well.


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