Record Store Day 2020 Update, “Drop Dates,” Etc.


Had we mentioned what the current plan is for Record Store Day 2020 recently? The event was originally planned for April 2020, was pushed back to June 20th at some point, and now has once again been post-poned into three different “drop dates.” Many of the exclusive titles that were originally supposed to be released for the big day back in April are now being released on August 29th, September 26th, and October 24th for participating stores.

To see a list of what records are being released on those drop dates, you can check out the Record Store Day website here. Some of you have been asking us about Record Store Day and what is going on with our store and those dates. We can say that we will be participating in the drop dates to a very limited extent right now. We will have a few of these records in, but we will likely not be making a big event out of it. We will likely be going back to normal with Record Store Day being a big event for us in November for Black Friday or next year in April 2021.

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