Our Arcade Is Now Open + July Store Updates


Yesterday, we made a surprise announcement that our arcade is now open to the public. That’s right, 10 games – (1 sit down racing game, 4 stand up classic arcade games, and 5 pinball machines), all waiting for you. Along with that announcement, we announced that we are upping our store hours to 11:00 am to 7:00 pm for now. The arcade is open during all of those hours as well, and we are testing things out with the arcade this month and will make adjustments if needed. For now, here is how we are doing things with our arcade:

👾 We currently have 10 games (5 pinball / 5 arcade).
👾 Entry is $5 or with $10 of any purchase in the store.
👾 All games are set to free / unlimited play (no quarters).
👾 We are limiting arcade occupancy to 4 at a time.
👾 Use hand sanitizer before and after entering

And here is a breakdown of some changes with the store:

💿 Face masks are now REQUIRED to enter
💿 Our hours are increased to 11am-7pm every day
💿 We are limiting to no more than 10 inside the building

One other thing! Now would be a good time to tell you all that we also will be open for July 4th this year (tomorrow)! We figure since we are now debuting the arcade and most normal Fourth of July activities are cancelled, we should be open.

Join us for some pinball and arcade chat on our forum! Now let’s play some games!

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