May Issue of Activator Magazine Available (We Are Sending With Orders)


It’s another month, and another issue of Activator Magazine is here – and this time the print issue is back! Of course this month is different, with our physical store and many other locations Activator is usually available for free being closed. We plan on distributing the magazine ourselves by sending it out with most of our curbside pickup and delivery orders while we have copies available! Some other local spots are doing the same (check the Activator facebook page), there is also a newsstand outside of Penny Lane that has free copies that you can pull up and grab.

This issue features local musician Dexter Anodyne on the cover. It also features various interviews with local musicians on what they are doing during this pandemic while normal live shows aren’t an option. There are also album reviews, more interviews with Square of the Roots, Rings, Stick People, Courtboy, and much more. No live music calendar this time around though, sorry.

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