We Bought The Last Rock-A-Fire Explosion To Go Inside Dumb Records Because They Are The Only Band In The World That Is Immune To COVID-19


Haha! It’s an April Fools day post! Because it’s April Fools Day! Something about The Rock-A-Fire Explosion not being able to catch any diseases or viruses because they are robots! And guess what, we are opening our venue back up to robots only! If you are an animatronic robot you can come to our space and watch the Rock-A-Fire! If not, then you have to still stay at home! Ahahahahahahaha oh boy.

“This is a great thing for our community and local bands because the Rock-A-Fire can be programmed to play different bands songs” said Jeff Black, co-owner of Dumb Records. “For example, tonight I will be doing some programming to make the Rock-A-Fire perform a Timmy’s set, which we are all very excited for.” “They are the only band we will be needing from here on out. We are working on getting a live stream up and running.”

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