Next Activator Print Issue Postponed Until May, Digital “Stay At Home” Issue Coming


As all of our local businesses and lives are adapting to the times that we are in, Activator Magazine is also adapting to the times as well and have announced that they will be skipping the month of April for having a physical print copies. From the Activator Magazine facebook page:

So the world is crazy right now. In light of everything going on in relation to COV-19 we’ve decided to not have a print edition of Activator Magazine for April. We’ll move the cover artist for that issue into May. Hopefully we’ll be back with a full regular print issue at that point.

However in its place we are going to release a special digital “Stay and home and listen to music” edition. It’ll have some good content (we’re still figuring out what that’s going to be). We’ll also be working on some Spotify playlists for the Activator community and maybe some fun surprises.

If your reading this and would like to submit anything for this special issue (ie scene reports, poetry, comics, art) shoot me an email at

Everyone stay safe and healthy and we’ll all get through this crazy time together.

You can continue supporting Activator Magazine online by contributing to their ongoing
Patreon page. Keep an eye on the Activator facebook page as well because there may be things in the works as far as organizing live streaming “shows” happening with Central Illinois bands.

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