Record Store Day Happening Saturday April 18th, 2020


This is an official announcement to let you all know that Record Store Day 2020 is happening exactly two months from today on Saturday, April 18th. Record Store Day is an annual world-wide event which started in 2008, making this the 13th one. Usually every year it is the biggest day for us, and the same probably true for hundreds of other record stores around the globe.

No, there are no exclusive releases being announced for Record Store Day just yet, and we have not put any orders in. We do plan on making announcements on our pages as soon as those releases are known and also once we can announce what we have planned for the day. We can say that we are likely to have WYMG broadcasting live inside of our space when we open again, likely live music throughout the day, and maybe some extra deals on top of all of that. Oh, and free coffee provided by Foamed Up!

Stay tuned!

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