Tours: Gumm and Prevention


Here is a nice little post to know that your local straight-edge hardcore band Prevention will be hitting the road later on in March along with the band “Gumm” from Chattanooga, Tennessee. You can check out those dates on the tour flier above, and if that’s not good enough for you we’ve typed them out below.

March 10th – Springfield, IL at Dumb Records
March 11th – Kansas City, MO at Parker 2
March 12th – Omaha, NE at Reverb Lounge
March 13th – Minneapolis, MN at Caydence
March 14th – Milwaukee, WI at Sky High Skateshop
March 15th – Indianapolis, IN at Atomic Bowling

You can stream music from both bands on players below. And as you can see, the kickoff for this tour is right here at Dumb Records on Tuesday, March 10th. The lineup for that show includes Prevention, Gumm, Direct Measure, Bull Cult, and Black Box.

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