Gargantuan: “The Great Onyx Sarcophagus”


Oh goodness gracious, on this very black metal Thursday snowy morning we bring you… a brand new six minute and forty second long track from solo death / black metal metal project Gargantuan. Check that out on the player below, or head over to the Gargantuan bandcamp page where you can download the track at your own price. From the bandcamp description:

This track is a continuation of the chronicles foretold in “Upon the Golgothan Plains”, in which the Forces Ov Hell – freshly battered and distraught over the crushing of Satan and the decimation of their ranks – reevaluate their purpose in life and tremble in fear under the deep silhouette of a new and ancient entity.

Gargantuan released a debut track “Wardogs Ov The Wild Hunt” last August. The next show the project has lined up is happening here at Dumb Records on April 3rd.

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