February Issue of Activator Magazine Available Now


It’s February (five days in now), and we’ve got plenty of copies of the new issue of Activator Magazine in stock inside our store for free. What does this issue include? As you can see on the cover is featured local hip hop artist Ty Witty. There is a Q&A with him. In addition to that there are interviews with Americana band Wayward Motel, punk rock St. Louis band “The Uppers,” the 13 year old singer song writer Ella Gibson, local rapper Prez A. Dent, and with electronic/synth artist Ricki Marvel. In addition to that there are photo spreads, album reviews, Central Illinois and St. Louis live music show calendars, and other tid-bits here and there.

Activator is available for free inside of our store and at other locations around town. Consider supporting what they do and signing up for their online Patreon campaign!

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