Ricki Marvel: “The Prisoner”


Here we are today to bring you another release from a local artist that has come out already this year in the year 2020. That is Ricki Marvel‘s new album, The Prisoner. You can stream that full album on the bandcamp player below or find it on bandcamp right here where you can also purchase the download. Here is a description of the album from Ricki’s bandcamp page:

This was written and recorded on cassette tape during an 18 month period of time. The goal was to make the process as free as possible. This means no deadline, no pressure, no genre, and definitely no dread. The result is a labor of love. A snapshot of my emotions and self reflection leading up to me realizing I am transgender.

Keep your eyes and ears peeled for any Ricki Marvel shows coming up at our space being announced at some point soon. We are also adding this one on to our Springfield album archive page for the year 2020, it’s our second release for this year!

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