Deezy Da Paperboy – “The Race”

Screen Shot 2020-01-03 at 2.13.35 PM.png

Are you ready for all of the new local music that’s about to be coming out in the year 2020?! We haven’t even posted the results from our best of 2019 series yet! Local rapper Deezy Da Paperboy looks like is taking on an ambitious task of releasing a new song and video every single week of this year every Friday starting today with this song and video entitled “The Race.” You can check that out on the player embedded below. The video was shot and edited by Jayy Wills Entertainment.

We’ve included this one in our long list of music videos from over the years by local artists on our vids/pics page. Deezy Da Paperboy just recently performed at our space a week or so ago as part of a recent benefit for Springfield Community Broadcasters.

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