The Vachel Lindsay Legacy Presents Art Show at Dumb Records January 11th


Today we are letting you know about the first art show going on in our space in the new decade, and the year 2020! This one is being put on by our friends over at the Vachel Lindsay Legacy. It is being called “Fund The Dumb Future” for some reason, we are not really sure why this is a benefit for our store, but we guess that’s what Vachel wants. From the facebook event:

In the spirit of Vachel Lindsay who wrote, “the things most worth while are one’s own hearth and neighborhood,” artists from all over Springfield are coming together to raise money for Dumb Records by throwing a big party! Beelzebunz will be selling delicious and homemade baked goods, the Baristie Boys will be there to warm up the winter with their locally roasted coffee, and artists and musicians in droves will be setting up and selling their art!

In addition to all of that, here are all of the artists involved:

Kristin Diehl
Azia Donovan
Will Redwood
Severyn Beekman
Aubrey Puyear
Devin Larson
Amber Autumm Mystlinski
Cheryl Stelle
Bri Skeels
Hannah Siehr
Dani Sakach
Clare Frachey
Staunzie Grady

And to add some atmosphere to this art show, Kate Laine, Vertrell Yates, and Xea will be performing their beautiful music. Of course, Dumb Records will have all the finest records for sale. To chronicle the thrilling night of music, food, art, community, and, well, Springfield, Cass Wulf Photo Co. will be photographing the event!

How have we managed to fit so much amazingness into one night? Easy. Springfield came together in the spirit of it’s DIY artist forefather, Vachel Lindsay, as a community to build this event into something special by applying Vachel’s “New Localism” which encourages communities to unify and grow together.

Admission is free but we will be collecting donations for our friends at Dumb Records to help with their rent. See you there!

“Springfield awake, Springfield aflame!”

All of that is scheduled to go on right now from 7:00 to 9:00 pm on January 11th, wow that is a heck of a lot of stuff scheduled to go on for two hours. Find a facebook event for this one right here.

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