January 8th at Dumb Records: Sinai Vessel, Advance Base, Kate The Band, Marble Teeth, Alyssa Currie


Are you all ready to hear the first show announcement for a show taking place in the year of the future: 2020. Maybe not the first show of 2020, but this is the first show of that year we are announcing. This one is taking place on Wednesday, January 8th. This show featuring touring band Sinai Vessel from Chattanooga, Tennessee. That band played at Black Sheep TWICE before – once in 2014 and again in 2017. Now they are playing here in the future year of 2020. So they play here every three years. Stream their music on the player below. This time around Sinai Vessel is on tour with “Advance Base” who is a guy. Also on the bill is Kate The Band, the real deal. Also is Marble Teeth, the solo project from Decatur, and opening things up is Alice Currie of the band Attic Salt!

Wow, all of this starts at 7:00 pm and this show is seven dollars. Find a facebook event for this show right here. Also be sure to check out our shows page to see what other shows we have lined up in the future.

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