Help Us List Springfield Releases Of 2019


It’s that time of the year again. Yep, it’s time for us to get ready for our annual Best of Springfield Music 2019 end of the year poll and write-ups that we do here on this site. Which means right now we gotta get our ducks in a row and figure out all of what came out this year on a local level. We’ve been building up our Springfield album archive page and have listed off 52* releases so far this year. Those are as follows:

Animals With Human Names – Anti Social / Duck Guts
Black Box – What Happens Inside
Bruce Kodrich – Don’t Leave Empty Handed
Chance Reiniesch – People Pleaser
CityFME – Lost N The Muzik 3
CompositionC – Back To The Beginning
Deezy Da Paperboy / Cornbread – Kush & Kollabs
Demons on Wheels – The Well-Worn Tale
Dexter Anodyne – Weeping Venus
The Dixie Narcos – Soda Pop!
The Dixie Narcos – Tinder Folk
DJ Reco – Dope: The Mixtape
DreTheGuy – Lapis Effect
Emily Hough – Glass EP
Emily Hough – Jewel Tones EP
Kate The Band – Wine & Dine
Final Order – Tainted Tradition
Foam Fangers – The Trash Talk And Taco Trucks
Forest Saints – Intergalactic Radio
Forest Saints – The Book Of Descents & Ascensions
Funmachine.exe – All Our Friends Are Algorithms
Imaginary Colours – Among The Horizon
Iris Wake – Demo
Jeff Cowhick – Cauterized
Junior Pasáre – We Gone Win
Levi Tucker – The Shoestring EP
Lick Creek – Too Damn Country
The Little Death – No Such Thing As Fiction
Local Drags – Shit’s Lookin’ Up
Master Bastard – Drinking With Children
Meezy Killafield – Killafield Kronicles
Musical Realists – Hill of Beans
Mvrty1300 – True Colors
Prevention – Your Bad Habits
Prince Cash – Menace Of Society
Renegade – Flowers EP
Satisfy – Take A Deep Dive Into What I Go Through
Spiff – Yellow Kelso
Stuart Smith – The Sun EP
TaQsem – American Dream
Terrell Burns – TBH EP
Timothy Donavan Russell – Antibody
Timothy Donavan Russell – Dark Light
Timothy Donavan Russell – Public Domain 2019
Timothy Donavan Russell – Messages
Timothy Donavan Russell – Then (From Now)
Tin Ghost – Ghost Stories- The Early Years
Tin Ghost – Life, At It’s Best
Tin Ghost – Into The Arms Of The Great Unknown
Tony Colantino – Extradimensional
Ty Witty – For When It Rains…
Ty Witty / Junior Pasáre – Half Full EP
Vincent Sebastian – Interference
Zetaretic – United $lave$ of America


Nice, we’ve even got all of the links right there! Okay this is where we need your help listing off any that we are missing. Let’s say a release includes a grouping of two or more original songs by a local Springfield band or artist – we’ll include nearby cities such as Jacksonville, Taylorville, or Decatur. If you know of any, comment below, or email us at! We are going to kick off our poll as early as five days from now or something, and publish results at the end of the month / beginning of next month. Oh! And we are also teaming up with Activator Magazine once again for this feature to be in their January of 2020 issue!

Our end of the year poll usually includes the best shows, songs, and albums from local bands or artists for the year. We will likely do this format again, featuring the top 10 picks from each category.

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