State Journal-Register: “Local Stores To Mark Record Store Day”


Wow, we are mentioned in the local paper yet again. The State-Journal Register have an article in their big fat Black Friday Deals Thanksgiving newspaper about Black Friday Record Store Day being celebrated around the globe, and taking place at Dumb Records and Recycled Record downtown. (Let’s not forget to support The Elf Shelf even if they don’t have exclusives, because Record Store Day is about supporting the local record store). The paper talked with owners Brian Galecki and Mark Kessler about what each store has lined up for tomorrow. From the article:

This year’s event comes at an interesting time for both stores, as Dumb Records – previously located in the South Town district – closes in on one year since its move downtown and as Recycled Records owner Mark Kessler continues to entertain offers to sell his one-of-a-kind store.

For Galecki, the move downtown has been good for his business, which has seen increased traffic driven by tourists. He also lauded the neighborhood’s creative atmosphere.

Check out that full article online right here, or pick up a copy of today’s local paper while you still have time.

We open at 8:00 am tomorrow morning, and Recycled Records opens even earlier, but starts selling their Black Friday Record Store Day exclusives at 8:00 am. Check out a facebook event for what we have going on tomorrow right here. Don’t forget we have a show going on at 7:00 pm featuring Kate The Band, Pretty Pleased, Animals With Human Names, Ricki Marvel, and Kenyon DeShasier. Check out the Record Store Day website right here. We have been posting photos today of some of the exclusive releases before we get them priced and on the shelves for tomorrow morning.

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