November 2019 Issue Of Activator Available at Dumb


Wow, and whoops! We can’t believe that we are already nearly halfway through another month over here. We were a little late in getting our fresh stack of Activator Magazine in this month, but now we have them, and we are telling you about them. This is actually the biggest issue of local music free publication Activator Magazine yet, with the most pages (40 or something)!

This time around featured on the cover is long-running Champaign-based indie rock group Elsinore, who recently put out a new album called A Life In The 21st Century. You can read more on that and an interview with them by picking up a free copy of Activator Magazine today! In addition to that there are the regular album reviews, and show calendars, but also an interview with Melody Jane Wachel and Amber Skies about diversity in DIY music, an interview with Sean Neumann of Jupiter Styles, Asa Dawson, photos of Pygmalion Music Festival, an interview with The Homeless Gospel Choir, a Hollowicked Recap, interviews with Wild’ Out and K3hlab, and much much more. Wow, that’s packed.

Activator Magazine can be found at Dumb Records for free at all times and a bunch of other spots around town. Check out their online Patreon campaign and consider donating to keep it going right here!

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