X-E-A: “Interdimensional Catwalk”


Today we bring you a tid-bit of new Springfield music in the form of this short instrumental track by local recording project called “X-E-A”. The song is called “Interdimensional Catwalk” and you can find it streaming on the player below. The piece was inspired by or created for an event at The Pharmacy Gallery downtown that happened this past weekend, and there is a video from the event on the X-E-A facebook page which you can check out right here. Head over to the X-E-A bandcamp page to download the track at your own price.

On Friday the The Pharmacy Gallery & Art Space held a collaborative fashion show featuring local designers, artists, and models. This video consists of clips from the finale, as well as shots from the gallery space.

The music is a piece I wrote, inspired by Timothy Donavan Russell‘s selection of songs for the evening. You can download it for free at: https://x-e-a.bandcamp.com/track/interdimensional-catwalk

Congratulations to everyone involved on a sucessful show!

Videography: Bri Skeels and XEA
Editing/Music: XEA

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