Tonight at Rock N’ Roll Hardee’s: Shonen Knife, The Hooten Hallers + Aftershow tonight at Dumb Records: Slingshot Dakota, The Telephone Junkies


Tonight is THE night!! There are four bands playing tonight between a big main show and big aftershow at what is certainly a once in a lifetime chance to see Shonen Knife from Japan play for free right here in Springfield. That’s right if you haven’t heard by now we don’t know what, but Shonen Knife from Japan, formed in 1981, is playing at Rock N’ Roll Hardee’s. They are on their 22nd full length album, “Sweet Candy Power” and on a big U.S. tour! Stream one of their earlier albums below. They are coming through with The Hooten Hallers playing some rockabilly from Missouri. That show starts at 6:00 pm at Rock N’ Roll Hardee’s (2501 Stevenson Drive), and it’s FREE. Car pooling or finding elsewhere other than the main Hardee’s lot is encouraged. Find a facebook event for that one right here.

THEN, after that there is a big aftershow over at Dumb Records. That one features big Top Shelf Records touring duo Slingshot Dakota from western Pennsylvania somewhere. The Telephone Junkies will be kicking things off for that one, we are shooting to start things at 9:00 or so, or whenever makes sense from whenever Shonen Knife will be finishing their set. Find a facebook event for that one right here. That show is $8 admission.

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