September 21st at Dumb Records: Sonny & Kade, Zach Goriszewski, Amy Quin & The Manic Depressives, Emily Hough, Zach Karraker


Look at this whopper of a show coming up in two weeks we have. On Saturday, September 21st. A little last minute 5-act pretty much all solo and mostly local show at our space, why not. Let’s take a look at what we got. At the top is actually a rap project called “Sonny & Kade” which we do not know much about. We do know there is music for right here. Next down the bill is Zach Goriszewski, former singer for the band Kickstart right here in town. In the middle is “Amy Quin & The Manic Depressives” from St. Louis. There is actually music for that one streaming on the player below, don’t pay attention to the name being “Dead Pilgrim” on that. Before that we have Emily Hough, the up and coming teen from Petersburg, Illinois that was actually a contestant on NBC’s “The Voice”! Amazing! Opening things up is yet another Zach! Zach Karraker playing some solo acoustic music.

All of that starts at 7:00 pm and it’s five acts for $5, you just can’t beat that. Check out a facebook event for the show right here. Also check out our shows page for a good look at what else is coming up at our space in the near future.

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