September Issue of Activator Magazine Available At Dumb Records


Oh yeah, what’s up we got a new issue of Activator Magazine in our store *available for free*. In fact, we’ve already gone through one batch of these real quick and have already been re-stocked! On this month’s cover featured is a handful of Central Illinois hip hop artists including TaQsem, T-Roni, Kid Ziggy, Pappa Luke, and Otto Sans. Ken No, columnist of Activator, and host of Hiphophumpday on 88.3 WQNA is also featured on the cover, and Ken put together the featured story recapping the current state of hip hop in the 217 area listing off a lot of the active players.

We are also excited because there is an exclusive interview with Shonen Knife from Japan, who will be playing here in Springfield at Rock N’ Roll Hardee’s on September 30th. In addition to that there are album reviews, local and St. Louis show calendars, interviews with Rather Dashing, Retirement Party, Zzo, and much much more. This is the biggest issue of Activator to date!

Come pick up a copy for free at Dumb Records (we are open pretty much all day every day), or other local businesses around town.

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