Tony Colantino: “Extradimensional”


Good morning and happy Sunday. Happy September 1st! This morning we bring you some brand new material here, it’s a brand new album from Springfield solo artist Tony Colantino. The album is called Extradimensional and it’s a few places online although unfortunately none of the usual places that we can embed players on our site. Let’s take a look at where it’s at…

CD Baby right here.
Spotify right here.
Amazon right here.
Looks like it was on Soundcloud but now it’s gone, dang it!!!

When I started the songs that would become Extradimensional in late 2017, I was relatively fresh out of a project with a similar concept. It was an instrumental space-rock record titled Space Drone, comprised of short songs featuring only multi-tracked electric guitar. Extradimensional took this concept and expanded it by lengthening the songs, adding keys, drum machines, and effects beyond the guitar-pedals-amp set-up. With these additional elements came a heightened sense of cinematic grandeur and sonic expanses. Desolation, uncharted territories, and harsh realms meet mental anguish, longing, and transcendence over the course of nine songs in 52 minutes.

That’s a quote from Tony. Tony doesn’t have any live performances lined up. We are adding this one to our Springfield album archive page of course, bringing us to 41 releases featured this year and 467 total.

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