Levi Tucker: “The Shoestring EP”


Today we bring you some brand new singer songwriter local music coming outta Jacksonville, Illinois nearby. This is by solo musician Levi Tucker and Levi has released four songs as a release under the name The Shoestring EP. From Levi’s bandcamp page:

As the name implies, this short collection of songs was recorded in a simple, humble way in simple, humble places. Each song was recorded on a single microphone, in one continuous take in an attempt to capture the truest version possible. The result of this is four songs that are the most honest and poignant retelling of the emotions from which they were created.
Nice. You can find those songs streaming on the player embedded below, or also head on over to his bandcamp page where you can purchase the download of the EP.


We are not sure of any shows Levi has lined up at the moment. We are adding this one to our Springfield album archive page, which brings us to 40 releases we’ve had featured so far this year and 466 as a grand total.

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