Gargantuan: “Wardogs Ov The Wild Hunt”


Today we bring you a brand new track which was released on bandcamp this past week for a new project so dark and mysterious… we don’t know really anything about it! So dark and scary that we were hesitant on sharing this with you!! The project is called “Gargantuan” and we know it’s from here in town but don’t think it has any live performances lined up. The song is called “Wardogs Ov The Wild Hunt” and you can find it streaming below. From the bandcamp page:

This track is the first single of GARGANTUAN’s upcoming premier album, ‘Upon the Golgothan Plains”, to be released at an undisclosed date in 2019, gods willing.

We also certainly don’t know why Dumb Records is thanked in the bandcamp notes!! Beware of more future Gargantuan.

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