Tonight at Bread Slammers: Transgression, Prevention, 156/Silence, Gumm, Prowess


We’ve got a heavy one lined up tonight at the ol’ Bread Slammers! Tonight is going to be the tape release show for newer local hardcore band Prevention! It’s also the return of Transgression from Louisville, Kentucky – a band that performed twice at Black Sheep before, the last time was a crushing set during Dumb Fest 6 last year. Stream Transgression’s newest album on the player below. There are a total of three out of town acts tonight! The other two includes a band called “156/Silence” from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. They play heavy music. The one other band is called “Gumm” from Tennessee. So there you have it, bands tonight from Illinois, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee. That’s four states. Opening things up is the infamous local goof-off band, Prowess!

Tonight things are actually starting later than normal at 8:00 – we pushed back the start time to not conflict with the Levitt AMP concert going on but now it looks like that concert has been pushed back a little bit because of the heat!! Great! Still, we will be starting things right at 8:00 pm tonight, and admission is $7. Find a facebook event for tonight’s show right here. Also be sure to check out our shows page to see what else is coming up at Kevin Breadford’s Cafe.


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