July Issue of Activator Magazine Available Now


Maybe we are around one week late in telling you this, but did you know that there is a new issue of Activator Magazine out? We are excited about this one because it features new local band Blushe on the cover – and a photo that was taken in our space! You can pick up the monthly magazine for free in our store and read an interview with the band. This issue Activator also launched a new feature – with the start of a video series with Blushe as the first feature. The magazine interviewed the band in the video and also caught some footage of them playing live in our space as well. You can check that video out below!

Aside from the Blushe interview, you can find: plenty of album reviews, live show calendars, a photospread of Midwest Punkfest XI, more photos of Activator’s birthday show at Dumb Records, a recap of Perimeter Road Music Festival, an interview with Junior Pasáre, an interview with Shawn “Push” Freligh, a story about how some LLCC students created some mobile game called “Floofy”, and much much more.

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