We Are Searching For Sponsors To Make A Really Big Show At Rock N’ Roll Hardee’s Happen This September.


Good afternoon! We’ve never made a post on our website like this one before. This is a post to let you know a really really big (free) show might potentially be happening at Rock N’ Roll Hardee’s on Monday, September 30th – however we need to put a feeler out to make sure we can pull it off.

We do not have things locked in and confirmed with a potential band from overseas that would be playing at Rock N’ Roll Hardee’s on September 30th, so unfortunately we can not tell you what it is, other than that it will be the biggest thing we will have pulled off setting up there. The band does have a guarantee that we are trying to get met – and having the show at Hardee’s would mean we would not be able to charge admission, which would mean we would need to meet the guarantee for the band’s costs, and also additional costs such as sound setup through sponsors for the event.

SO, with this post we are reaching out to any potential sponsors – which could mean local businesses, or individual people that can help us make this happen. We know that it might be odd asking for this without being able to say who the band is, but trust us, if it happens it’s going to be good. You can reach out to us by coming in our store, emailing dumbrecs@gmail.com or calling 217-691-8991. We would be up for working with different sponsorship levels to make sure the event happens. Also sponsors would potentially get their name or logo listed on a poster that gets distributed all over town, potential radio mentions, and table or booth space at the actual event. We are flexible on what can happen here!

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