Lick Creek: “Too Damn Country”


Local legendary country rock band Lick Creek have released their first (?) full length album of original music, and what do you know, we have many copies for sale in our record store (pictured above). We are working on getting that local music section back up and running! The new album is called Too Damn Country and cover art is designed by our very own Dumb Records volunteer of the month Brian Galecki. You can stream one of those songs on the youtube player below, or head over here to stream all of the songs on Youtube. Also head over to the Lick Creek website where you can find links to download the album.

Lick Creek have a lot of shows lined up in the area (none at our spot, but you can view them all here). You better believe we are adding this one to our Springfield album archive under releases that have came out this year! Yeehaw!

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