July 4th at The Bread Pit: Skeleton, Snuff Rider, Uncle Sam’s Mutagenic Children

Webp.net-gifmaker copy.gif

Does this thing work? Does it hurt your eyes or is it cool? Good. Whoops, we are way late in the game of letting you know that we are planning a show in the space next to us for the Fourth of July this year. (We are downtown right where the fireworks are happening, why not)! For this show we have the band Skeleton from somewhere Texas making a return to Springfield for the first time since a New Years Eve House Show in the year… 2014/2015 or something. Stream their music on the player below to hear how much they’ve grown. Also on this show is that new heavy surf band “Snuff Rider” that will be playing their first show here on the 22nd of this month. Opening things up is a special patriotic fourth of July performance from the band Uncle Sam’s Mutagenic Children.

All of that starts later… we are saying after the fireworks, which we think are at 9:00 pm. Everyone’s going to be downton as it is, right? Admission is $5 for the touring act. Find a facebook event for this one soon. Check out our Bread Sheep upcoming shows page for a look at what else is coming up soon.

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