Local Drags: “Shit’s Lookin’ Up”


Today we are happy to be blessed with a brand new album for a (kinda) new local group, and it rocks. The new-ish local group is called “Local Drags” featuring members of Starter Jackets and other bands. They have been around for a minute we guess but haven’t really played a whole lot in town. That’s gonna change though – they have a show lined up as a record release here at our spot on June 28th. If we haven’t made an official announcement for that show yet, we will very soon. You can stream Local Drags’s debut album, Shit’s Lookin’ Up, on the player below in its 10-track entirety. The album is actually being released on real vinyl on Stardumb Records and It’s Alive Records. Head over to the Local Drags bandcamp page to also stream the album or purchase the mp3 download.

Check out that facebook event for that release show right here. We are also adding this one to releases this year on our Springfield album archive page.

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