New Band Pages: MAC, Kenyon DeShasier


Would you believe it but the other day we looked over and realized how terribly not-up-to-date all of the band pages on our site are right now. There are tons of new band projects that have started that we don’t have pages for, and a lot of them we do have pages for aren’t exactly up to date! We are working on it – today bringing you two new band pages that aren’t anything too fancy for local acts MAC and Kenyon DeShasier – both have been playing shows in the area for over a year at this point. On each page you can stream music from both and find links to where else you can find them on the world wide web.

We count 38 current band pages we have on our site right now which is no where near being up to date. We’ll be working on getting this updated these next few weeks! Do you play in a band here in town or are you a solo musician that hasn’t set up a band page with us yet? We would love to hear from you – email us at and we will work with you to set something up!

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