Buzz Bomb Brewery Presents “Buzz Fest” On March 30th Downtown

Screen Shot 2019-03-21 at 12.19.43 PM.png

Here’s a photo taken directly from our Dumb Records bulletin board which is filling up fast with events coming up (most of them happening downtown)! This one looks like the first big downtown outdoor music event of the season here – it’s “Buzz Fest” put on by Buzz Bomb Brewery on Saturday, March 30th in celebration of the bar and brewery turning one year old at their downtown location just a hop and a skip over from us on Adams Street. Hopefully the weather is going to be warm enough for an outdoor event there in a little over one week (it seems to be warming up now)! There are a lineup of bands for Buzz Fest – including the return of “The Goddamn Gallows” to Springfield – the punk rock “gutterbilly” band from the west coast who has played here last at Bar None this past summer. This time around The Goddamn Gallows is on tour with Scott H. Biram from Texas. You can check out some of Scott’s music on the player below. And even more – “Urban Pioneers” are also performing also from Texas (also on tour?). Local openers include the rowdy Foam Fangers and also Kate Laine.

According to the event online, Buzz Fest begins at noon and goes all the way until 1:00 am. (We are not exactly sure what time in there bands go on outside). Find a facebook event right here. Tickets are $10-15 and can be found here. We think the outdoor performances would be all ages (?). Also check out our Springfield shows page where we are trying to come up with a list of all Springfield shows coming up outside of the new Dumb Records (soon).

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