Record Store Day at Dumb Records Saturday, April 13th


We can’t get over with how crazy busy we are going to be with our new store now that we are downtown this spring and summer – and we haven’t even started with shows yet! We just got done with a grand opening and a big parade, and now in less than a month we are looking at the biggest day of the year for our store – Record Store Day! Taking place this year on Saturday, April 13th. You are going to mark your calendars for this one. We’ll admit that we went overboard and put in the biggest Record Store Day order we have ever done. There are nearly 400 exclusive titles being released just for this day, and we probably ordered two thirds of those titles (some multiple copies of). Check out the long list of exclusive releases on the Record Store Day site right here. Here is Pitchfork’s inside scoop on some notable releases this year. We’ll be posting our list of what we are expecting to get at some point soon. As usual, we can not do holds on exclusive releases for anybody.

We are opening our doors right at 8:00 am for this big big day. Feel free to stand outside in line. We’ll also have coffee available from Foamed Up (usually located at the mall), and probably donuts of some sort. We’ll be open late that night – also are planning on a show happening in our new space at 7:00 pm (which we can not tell you about because we are still waiting on the city’s approval! #$&%@!). Check out a facebook event for all of this right here.

This day is also about supporting your local record store! We are excited to be downtown during Record Store Day this year because it will be more of an event between all three of the stores here downtown! Check out Recycled Records (also participating, opening up at 8:00am, and The Elf Shelf (open 10am-3pm).

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