Resident Genius Catalog (2002-2006) On Bandcamp


Here’s something we almost forgot to share a little while back! This is not exactly new local music – maybe old local music that is finally being uploaded onto the interwebs and being made available to all – the discography for early/mid 2000’s Springfield band “Resident Genius”. Resident Genius was an indie/punk band around before the days of The Black Sheep, and after the days of The Asylum, there they are pictured above performing at Veile’s Planet which was a bar/venue that put on all ages shows.

Check out the Resident Genius bandcamp page right here.

Their catalog includes three EPs, a Live session from the radio on WQNA in 2004, a split release with activist/historian Howard Zinn, and then a collection of unreleased songs (which you can find streaming below). Wow! And on top of all of that, all proceeds made from the download donations will be going towards our GoFundMe to launch a new record store and show space downtown!

We will be adding these and updating the Springfield Album Archive shortly!

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